Volume II (2018 Tweets)

Get your copy of “JUST THE TWEETS” Volume II Today! This is the second volume of this “Historic Collector’s Series”. Volume II covers President Trump’s tweets from his second year in office (January 20th 2018-January 19th 2019).


Listen to Mike Gallagher’s nationally syndicated radio interview with Trisha Hope author of “Just The Tweets” (above).

The “JUST THE TWEETS” Historic Collection comes in hardback with a classic blue linen cloth cover, premium sewn binding and gold foil lettering to last for generations.

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“JUST THE TWEETS” VOLUME II…is the second volume of this “Historic Collector’s Series”. Volume II is the chronological account of President Trump’s second year in office (2018), via the tweets posted from his personal Twitter account @realdonaldtrump.  There’s no third party narration or opinion what-so-ever. It’s “Just The Tweets!”

Each spring a new volume of  The “JUST THE TWEETS” Collection will be released compiling President Trump’s tweets for each year of his presidency. Four volumes for his first term and God willing, four for his second term for a total of 8 Collectible Volumes!

On the pages ahead, you’ll continue getting to know President Trump personally, through his “unedited” tweets.

  • Volume II continues to unveil the ever deep moral corruption within our government and our “supposed” political representatives on both sides of the aisle.
  • President Trump continues to call out the Main Stream Media for perpetuating the “Fake News” stories, lies and hypocritical narratives, in  their feeble attempt, to remove him from office.
  • You’ll laugh along with the President as he calls out “Da Nang Dick” (p. 420) for his false claims of heroism in Vietnam.
  • You’ll see how the left becomes increasingly unhinged in 2018 as President Trump outsmarts them time and again.
  • And sadly you will see it has become blindingly clear the left and the establishment Republican’s do not care about your safety,  your family’s safety or the sovereignty of our nation as they continue to block the border wall.

It is my sincere hope that this “Historic Collection” of  President Trump’s Tweets will be passed on to future generations, so they can bear witness (through the President’s own words), the historic events that took place during this “Tipping Point” in U.S. History.

Enjoy the “Tweets” and please continue to support President Trump as he works hard to “Make America Great Again”!

Get your copy today!

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