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Watch KPRC Houston’s Channel 2 News interview with Trisha Hope, author of “JUST THE TWEETS”… A Collection of President Trump’s Historic Tweets (above).


Listen to Mike Gallagher’s nationally syndicated radio interview with Trisha Hope author of “Just The Tweets” (above).

 “JUST THE TWEETS”: Volume I covers President Donald J. Trump’s Tweets posted from his personal Twitter Account during his first year in office.

The “JUST THE TWEETS” Historic Collection comes in hardback with a classic blue linen cloth cover, premium sewn binding and gold foil lettering.


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“JUST THE TWEETS” VOLUME I…is a “Historic, Chronological Archive” of President Donald J. Trump’s first year in office, via the tweets, posted from his @realdonaldtrump Twitter account.

In Volume I President Trump begins his fight to “Make America Great Again” despite staggering “Deep State” opposition.

As you read Volume I  you’ll begin to…

  • …Discover the immense corruption and bias embedded in our government and main stream media at the highest levels.
  • …Realize (if you haven’t already), Donald Trump is a marketing and strategic genius as he out markets and out maneuvers the “Trump Haters” at their own game.
  • …Realize President Trump was right about many things for which he was criticized.
  • Get your copy today!

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