Publisher: Trisha Hope

  My interest in politics began in 1972 as a young girl watching the Republican National Convention with my Mom.  I was fascinated by the excitement of the convention, and each state’s patriotic themes.  My passion for politics continues to this day.  As a tribute to my Mother (who passed away in 2014), I became a Republican Texas State Delegate in 2016.

  As an AVID Trump supporter, I spoke out when it appeared some delegates were intent on depriving then candidate Trump, of his earned delegates. Ultimately, Mr. Trump received his delegates, and won the Republican nomination.

  After Mr. Trump won the GOP nomination, I campaigned for him, working diligently on his behalf.  On election night, I isolated myself from television, media reports, and even my family, so I could pray the rosary.  I continued my prayer vigil throughout the night while watching the election results online.  I knew God chose Mr. Trump, and I knew he would prevail.

  In the early morning hours, the networks finally reported Mr. Trump had won the election. My family and I (including my 1 ½ year old grandson) celebrated, knowing deep in our hearts President-Elect Trump would keep his promise, and work hard to Make America Great Again!